Dynasty Power

Growth is the engine that drives Dynasty Power Inc.

Dynasty Power Inc. is a company which trades electricity, natural gas, and oil contract commodities. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Dynasty Power Inc. was founded and continues to be run by a core group of shareholders with extensive trading experience in the energy and power trading market. The company was built from the ground up with internal funding from its shareholders, who are currently all employed in the company.

Dynasty Power Inc. strongly believes that the growth of its employees powers the growth of the business, thus the company is dedicated to investing in, and providing support to each team member. It is also dedicated to investing in and seeking new talent since the firm’s growth into new markets and into new opportunities is based on these investments. With the company’s entrepreneurial and innovative culture, employees of Dynasty Power Inc. are funded with internal capital then empowered with the freedom and the responsibility to generate revenue for both the company and for the team member. This is a results based industry, so employees are directly rewarded for the results each individual achieves.

The energy market is an aggressive environment which is in a constant state of evolution, as such, the trading floor is fast paced and it requires persons with high levels of adaptability. Each team member is dedicated to success and encompasses a combination of hard work, team work, ability to recognize patterns within constant streams of data, and the analytical skills to assess risks/rewards in various scenarios.

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Disclaimer: Dynasty Power Inc. does not provide trading advice to, or conduct trades for or on behalf of, unaffiliated parties. All contents of this website are for information purposes only and are not a solicitation for funds.