Physical Power Trading

Experts in moving physical power across North American markets

ISO Trading

 A regional transmission organization (RTO) or Independent System Operator (ISO) is an electric power transmission system operator that coordinates, controls, and monitors an electric grid.  Some of the RTOs span several states, an ISO usually contain a single state/province. Dynasty Power is an expert in market rules and tariffs as it pertains to every RTO/ISO where it operates.

Dynasty Power is a member of PJM, MISO, ISO NE, NY ISO, SPP, ERCOT, CAISO, Ontario IESO and AESO.   We also operate in CENACE.

Every day our physical traders move power between systems  in the Day-Ahead and Real-Time markets.

Bilateral Trading

Dynasty Power has 80+ bilateral contracts with multiple generation providers, load-serving entities, and transmission providers. We are highly skillful in sourcing and tagging physical power.  Our trading partners regard Dynasty as a reliable and consistent counterparty. As physical power traders, we are able to source or deliver power anywhere our partners require.

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Dynasty is unlike any other trading organization. From flat management structure to the best in class innovations we offer unparalleled opportunities and the best work environment in the business. 

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